Shoes for the road


One for the money, two for the show, three for the road, and here we go!

The awakening of realizing that there is a great long journey ahead of you and you need to take the necessary steps to fulfill its order yet it can’t be done alone.

I do not count the traveler wise who does not take the necessary time to make sure that they have supplied and stored all the resources needed to last on the journey.

When the airport is getting in the airplane ready for take off and ready to make his journey they make sure that it has the necessary fuel, all the flight attendants, As well as the team that’s actually going to be guiding the plane along across the masses of land which is the pilot and the copilot.

So tell me what kind of experience do you think that these travelers would have if the copilot was arguing with the pilot because the copilot wanted his job.

No it is very important that the copilot understands his role and the difference between their levels of accreditation and qualification for their designated roles.

So it is with our travels.

Whether it is by foot whether it is by train whether it is by bus whether is by car, whether by boat, whether it is by plane, we need to always be prepared to push the boundaries of our horizons.

See here at Jeremy Scott shoes we make sure that every time that your feet hit the pavement that if you are a customer of our product that you are taken care of.

And even when the journey gets rough if you are wanting or needing some comfortable shoes that will help your feet rehabilitate to be able to keep walking.

We like to think of our company as a great towing company for your feet as opposed to how a regular one would be for your vehicle.

I know you’re sitting back thinking how could these shoes be like road service for my car well that’s a very great question.

Let’s just say you were heading on a 30 minute business trip down the highway and you had your tire blowout about 15 minutes in, For some that could be a very tragic happening and for others they could just be grateful that they don’t have to say that I got locked out of my vehicle and they can call a company to get them what they need.

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