These Shoes Tell A Story


A Story Of Combat for Freedom…


I have actually owned a couple pair of these comfortable and very suitable for Concrete jungle city sidewalk Street walking into the park, All the round the way down To the meadows and the pasteurs…

But they fit so snug and secure around my feet as a stroll down the avenues for the revenues. But the style also spoke out to me Due to their durability and their combative style and militant features.


From first hand experience it could be understood that these shoes are very Durable through whatever conditions that they need to be used for.

Weather you’re taking one step further you taking two steps or wether they are even taking 10 steps..


Like the 10 step point program that we learn is a declaration of the core values and unified vision for progressed movement that neutralizes the sickness upon which a government built an economy and system that was snared by evil forces that poisoned the soil from spiritual immaturity reflected by decisions based from profit and power instead of prosperity within humanity.

But yea,, these boots are dope,,,

Throw some swag on it, throw some proper attire to fit the suit, and get bizzay!

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