The Authentic Originals


Think of your shoes,, or your lives,, Like these snowflakes…


There is the time back in high school I was maybe in about the 10th or 11th grade when this happened.

Now this inner city high school charter school that I had been attending at that time was only a very small 200-300 member student body, So in retrospect I can somewhat understand how there could be one prevailing fad of fashion that can overtake the old school.

I know up until this point I only had had a vague understanding of how a new pair of either Jordans or Nike shoes could drop and create a frenzy.

No it it had to be either Friday or Monday but nevertheless whatever day it was, It seemed like about 90 to 95% of the student body came in with the exact same pair of shoes on their feet.

Now during that time I had seen it was like the cool thing to do everybody went to the mall when those Jordans dropped and they wore them all to school the next day.

Now I’m not the one that’s against matching and coordinating but come on now and as I grew up I realize the importance of understanding originality and uniqueness.

So there is a deeper meaning behind this trip down high school memory days for me in being yourself.


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