Footprints to Freedom


Every shoe makes it’s mark..

Even as no two fingerprints are the same or no two snowflakes, so is the fact that the mark that Is left by every shoe from every walk of every journey tells a different story every time.

So what stories do your footprints tell? If someone were to go and backtrack all of the steps that you took last year, Like literally had the technology to Allow some Sort of infrared beaming that allow you to see visually every time that you set your foot down wherever you went. Not as we can sit here and discuss how probable how practical how even useful this technology could be or it or not, The only thing that really concerns us as shoe manufacturers here at J Scott shoes is How good do you look as you’re taking your steps.

What is the story that is unfolding under your feet is it is story of education it is the story of Ambition and work?

And even then it could be a story of athleticism and working out and playing sports. Or maybe it’s a high-class story of love and fashion and fine environments with good dining.

Or maybe a story is unfolding of cultural diversity and urban edge that makes you want to make your mark with our shoes on..

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