Fair Labor Practices


We Believe..

That The most successful and prominent companies are run by the tenants and the characteristics of truth and integrity in their practices.

Therefore I assume the mission of utilizing some words to assure the readers and the loyal customers of our brand that we hold true to these values.

We can’t apologize enough for the multitudes of individuals who where negatively affected by the bad practices of child labor and immoral practices that allow some of the profit hungry corporations to devalue not only the standard of jobs and living that a free people deserve but also the human life.

Reminds me of a current day national travesty with the water situation that is happening and unfolding in Flint Michigan.

Where the facts have surfaced that the water supply has been circulating with a heavy dosage of lead poisoning due to the decision makers in this country prioritizing the easiest route and the path to the most profit, while making decisions that are not in the best interest of the people.

Not sure how many fatalities where recorded but I heard of three so far from a relative if mine who actually works in the emergency section of a medical institution and actually resides in the affected city of flint.

On top of that, the effects of lead leave a lasting detrimental affect on the brain cells, thus leaving many children still maturing through their developmental stages with life long uphill battles just to enjoy the blessing of a sound mind..

That’s why our fair labor practice is to do it for the people, and the profit will follow.

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