Comfortable Shoes At A Comfortable Price..

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Now I completely understand that for better quality materials, a higher pricing should be expected because you get what you pay for.


However we live in a World where you can have shoes made in a factory overseas by in an environment with more relaxed child labor laws, and therefore brought back into this country for a low price point and flipped for extravagant profit.


Now I am not here to justify this and validate it as good business, or even disqualify it as unethical, I’ll leave that for the politicians.


What I will say is that here within our company, we value the essence of true value.


We believe in the time tested principles that allow businesses and brands to thrive in even the most depressive economical situation which is to over deliver on the value that you are getting for your money.


More Bang for your Buck so to speak.


So even though you can supposedly have Air Jordan’s selling for hundreds coming from the same factory as Stephon Marbury bringing his shoes to sell around the $20 neighborhood, we want you to have the style you seek, the durability you need, the comfort you want, at a price you can afford.


That’s what we do here..

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