Shoes for the road


One for the money, two for the show, three for the road, and here we go!

The awakening of realizing that there is a great long journey ahead of you and you need to take the necessary steps to fulfill its order yet it can’t be done alone.

I do not count the traveler wise who does not take the necessary time to make sure that they have supplied and stored all the resources needed to last on the journey.

When the airport is getting in the airplane ready for take off and ready to make his journey they make sure that it has the necessary fuel, all the flight attendants, As well as the team that’s actually going to be guiding the plane along across the masses of land which is the pilot and the copilot.

So tell me what kind of experience do you think that these travelers would have if the copilot was arguing with the pilot because the copilot wanted his job.

No it is very important that the copilot understands his role and the difference between their levels of accreditation and qualification for their designated roles.

So it is with our travels.

Whether it is by foot whether it is by train whether it is by bus whether is by car, whether by boat, whether it is by plane, we need to always be prepared to push the boundaries of our horizons.

See here at Jeremy Scott shoes we make sure that every time that your feet hit the pavement that if you are a customer of our product that you are taken care of.

And even when the journey gets rough if you are wanting or needing some comfortable shoes that will help your feet rehabilitate to be able to keep walking.

We like to think of our company as a great towing company for your feet as opposed to how a regular one would be for your vehicle.

I know you’re sitting back thinking how could these shoes be like road service for my car well that’s a very great question.

Let’s just say you were heading on a 30 minute business trip down the highway and you had your tire blowout about 15 minutes in, For some that could be a very tragic happening and for others they could just be grateful that they don’t have to say that I got locked out of my vehicle and they can call a company to get them what they need.

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Don’t forget the babies

Baby shoes for a boy and a girl

Don’t forget about the babies.

Here at Jeremy Scott shoes for sale we not only specialize in everything fore mentioned in the other pages on this website but also in making sure that the little ones are also taken care of with the quality and standards that our company is known for.

Many other shoe designer companies of our caliber Decide not to go the route of making shoes for the little babies as well Because it is less of a return on investment.

Why we make that choice.

Little babies are a source of invaluable inspiration they come into this world so pure just so impresionable just so ready to soak in whatever is around. That aspect of our precious little ones is the source of our inspiration when we get into our creative zone for the shoes for them.

Have you ever been somewhere maybe at a church or maybe at a gathering or maybe sitting somewhere just enjoying your meal at a restaurant or some other place of dining.

And as you’re sitting there doing what you doing mind your own business you turn around and lo and behold you lock eyes with a young precious little one maybe two years old who is this contentedly and happily sitting on their mother’s lap and watching your every move.

And then in that moment as you behold the newness in the freshness and the pureness of new life you’re reminded of the good that still exists in this world.

That’s why we do it.

Thank you and feel free to browse our site.

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Fair Labor Practices


We Believe..

That The most successful and prominent companies are run by the tenants and the characteristics of truth and integrity in their practices.

Therefore I assume the mission of utilizing some words to assure the readers and the loyal customers of our brand that we hold true to these values.

We can’t apologize enough for the multitudes of individuals who where negatively affected by the bad practices of child labor and immoral practices that allow some of the profit hungry corporations to devalue not only the standard of jobs and living that a free people deserve but also the human life.

Reminds me of a current day national travesty with the water situation that is happening and unfolding in Flint Michigan.

Where the facts have surfaced that the water supply has been circulating with a heavy dosage of lead poisoning due to the decision makers in this country prioritizing the easiest route and the path to the most profit, while making decisions that are not in the best interest of the people.

Not sure how many fatalities where recorded but I heard of three so far from a relative if mine who actually works in the emergency section of a medical institution and actually resides in the affected city of flint.

On top of that, the effects of lead leave a lasting detrimental affect on the brain cells, thus leaving many children still maturing through their developmental stages with life long uphill battles just to enjoy the blessing of a sound mind..

That’s why our fair labor practice is to do it for the people, and the profit will follow.

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Step to success


Step into success in style!

We’ve got you covered for whatever reason that you need to have the freshest of the fresh apparel we can make sure that you’re well represented.

We believe that the fruits of the world that are out there for those who are bold enough to step out on faith and take them.

And so we find that those were attracted to our shoes in our styles are those we’re doing big things but when I’m looking stylish when doing them.

So let’s just say

that you’re preparing for a major presentation for the panel in the board room and you want to make sure that you showing up as your best and confident self.

Now what I am not implying is that you’re the sum and substance of the confidence in your character should come from what you wear and what is on your feet. But here we pride ourselves in being able to offer that intangible factor that gives you a different walk, A different stride the walk of authority the walk strength, the walk of a winner.

We can see you closing deals and making promotions in climbing up the the chain of command and whatever the field of endeavor that you are climbing to success in.

So we encourage you to take every necessary step into success and make sure to do everything with excellence and we are here to help you look good while doing it


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Footprints to Freedom


Every shoe makes it’s mark..

Even as no two fingerprints are the same or no two snowflakes, so is the fact that the mark that Is left by every shoe from every walk of every journey tells a different story every time.

So what stories do your footprints tell? If someone were to go and backtrack all of the steps that you took last year, Like literally had the technology to Allow some Sort of infrared beaming that allow you to see visually every time that you set your foot down wherever you went. Not as we can sit here and discuss how probable how practical how even useful this technology could be or it or not, The only thing that really concerns us as shoe manufacturers here at J Scott shoes is How good do you look as you’re taking your steps.

What is the story that is unfolding under your feet is it is story of education it is the story of Ambition and work?

And even then it could be a story of athleticism and working out and playing sports. Or maybe it’s a high-class story of love and fashion and fine environments with good dining.

Or maybe a story is unfolding of cultural diversity and urban edge that makes you want to make your mark with our shoes on..

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See Ya Later Alligator Skins


What Can you expect when you buy our shoes?

By now it should be easy to understand that there is an interesting factor that is in play right now when it comes to how we do things creatively around these parts.

The value of being able to evaluate the holes in the market and be the plug for what the people are looking for and successfully keep up with the demands with fresh vision that can be tied into what we wear on our feet for this very occasion.

Not everyone is ready for the future. The future of what you may ask? The future of shoes? The future of shopping? The future of fashion and culture?

Yes the future of whatever is relevant to the cause of dancing to the rhythm that flows…

Whew! The shrill nature of that alarm wakes you up to the aroma of the daily bread that is your sustenance to continue.

Now that you have the necessary footwear, to hit the footwork and get out there and give them a show that makes memories and plants seeds for future fruits.

So live your life today, and Love it, sing it out, don’t let anyone our anything stop you from your dreams and desires.

No time for high stress and blood pressure.

And choose carefully

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Comfortable Shoes At A Comfortable Price..

e566ccea723304871af98a3cc5110022Comfortable Shoes At A Comfortable Price..


Now I completely understand that for better quality materials, a higher pricing should be expected because you get what you pay for.


However we live in a World where you can have shoes made in a factory overseas by in an environment with more relaxed child labor laws, and therefore brought back into this country for a low price point and flipped for extravagant profit.


Now I am not here to justify this and validate it as good business, or even disqualify it as unethical, I’ll leave that for the politicians.


What I will say is that here within our company, we value the essence of true value.


We believe in the time tested principles that allow businesses and brands to thrive in even the most depressive economical situation which is to over deliver on the value that you are getting for your money.


More Bang for your Buck so to speak.


So even though you can supposedly have Air Jordan’s selling for hundreds coming from the same factory as Stephon Marbury bringing his shoes to sell around the $20 neighborhood, we want you to have the style you seek, the durability you need, the comfort you want, at a price you can afford.


That’s what we do here..

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The Authentic Originals


Think of your shoes,, or your lives,, Like these snowflakes…


There is the time back in high school I was maybe in about the 10th or 11th grade when this happened.

Now this inner city high school charter school that I had been attending at that time was only a very small 200-300 member student body, So in retrospect I can somewhat understand how there could be one prevailing fad of fashion that can overtake the old school.

I know up until this point I only had had a vague understanding of how a new pair of either Jordans or Nike shoes could drop and create a frenzy.

No it it had to be either Friday or Monday but nevertheless whatever day it was, It seemed like about 90 to 95% of the student body came in with the exact same pair of shoes on their feet.

Now during that time I had seen it was like the cool thing to do everybody went to the mall when those Jordans dropped and they wore them all to school the next day.

Now I’m not the one that’s against matching and coordinating but come on now and as I grew up I realize the importance of understanding originality and uniqueness.

So there is a deeper meaning behind this trip down high school memory days for me in being yourself.


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These Shoes Tell A Story


A Story Of Combat for Freedom…


I have actually owned a couple pair of these comfortable and very suitable for Concrete jungle city sidewalk Street walking into the park, All the round the way down To the meadows and the pasteurs…

But they fit so snug and secure around my feet as a stroll down the avenues for the revenues. But the style also spoke out to me Due to their durability and their combative style and militant features.


From first hand experience it could be understood that these shoes are very Durable through whatever conditions that they need to be used for.

Weather you’re taking one step further you taking two steps or wether they are even taking 10 steps..


Like the 10 step point program that we learn is a declaration of the core values and unified vision for progressed movement that neutralizes the sickness upon which a government built an economy and system that was snared by evil forces that poisoned the soil from spiritual immaturity reflected by decisions based from profit and power instead of prosperity within humanity.

But yea,, these boots are dope,,,

Throw some swag on it, throw some proper attire to fit the suit, and get bizzay!

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